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What kind of data can I download?

List of data fields: company name, registry code, form of business, address, phone number(s), e-mail address, website, CEO / contact person, time of registration, VAT identifier, main activity (NACE2 code and in words), revenue and number of employees. NB! We may not have all data available for all companies. 

What makes up the price of the target group?

The price of the target group depends on the number of companies in the target group. The larger the target group, the lower the price per unit. NB! Minimum price per target group is 10 EUR.

How to open the CSV or TXT files that contain data?

One option is to use MS Excel to work with the data. When you open the saved text file with MS Excel, Text Import Wizard will appear. To open the file so that you will have all indicators in separate columns, select delimiter - tab. To open a CSV file in MS Excel, find Get External Data From Text in the menu and select delimiter - comma.

Can I get target groups from other countries?

Selector provides access to information across Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. If you need target groups from other countires, please contact us. Ph: +358 9 2727 02 333, e-mail:

Please contact us! Phone +358 9 2727 02 333 or e-mail